Promoting Integration

    Job Shadowing project ‘Promoting Integration’ has been organised in Plymouth, UK between July and October 2016.

    This project addressed a need of European communities to help young people from refugees and migrant background to tackle socio-economic issues and promote social equity and inclusion.

    This project filled a gap in competences of youth workers from the European organisations, with special focus on project management and involvement hard-to-reach groups of migrants and refugees into integration related activities.

    Amber Initiatives are working with migrants communities for 11 years, gained knowledge and expertise in migration related issues.
    In this project we shared our experience with our European colleagues, helped them to develop proper strategy and service provision as well as organise projects for young people from migrants background to help them to enjoy equal opportunities and be involved in meaningful activity.

    The project is in line with the European Commission's agenda on migration which points that EU countries and institutions, international organisations, civil society, local authorities and national partners should work together to tackle common issues.

    The Job shadowing project involved 3 youth workers from Programme and Partner countries ( Turkey, Romania and Belarus).

    They represented the following organisations:

  • • Rusça Konuşanlar Dayanışma ve Eğitim Derneği (Russian-Speaking Union) from Turkey.

  • • BYPU "New Faces" from Belarus.

  • • The Nature-a Heritage for the Future" Association from Romania.

  • Duration of activity stages are 8 days for each participant.

    The objectives of the project are:

  • • Improve the level of key competences and skills of youth workers from countries that faced recent wave of migration.

  • • Improve understanding of practices, policies and systems related to migration.

  • • Enhance cooperation between organisations working on different levels ( cross-section partnership).

  • • Increase skills and knowledge of youth workers in project management..

  • • Increase intercultural awareness.

  • • Enhance capacity of newly formed organisations and informal groups to participate in Erasmus+ projects.

  • • Partnership working.

  • • Intercultural education.

  • • Methodology used in Erasmus+ programme.

  • • Recognition of achievement.

  • The programme is logically divided into 5 parts each of which focuses on particular area of migration, youth work and features of hard-to-reach groups..

    The project was based on non-formal and informal education.
    Work individually and in pair, team building exercises, problem-solving tasks, simulation exercises, brainstorms, presentations, round table discussion, video/DVD watching, sessions for evaluation and reflection, etc. were used throughout the project to ensure the participants have an opportunity to express themselves freely and to achieve maximum results in the learning process.

    The project is in line with Erasmus+ aims and objectives such as improving competences of youth workers, linked to their professional profile, promoting cultural awareness, increasing of capacity, attractiveness and international dimension of organisations active in the youth field.
    The project helped the organisations from Programme and Partner countries to build network and cooperation for future projects.

    As result of this project, the organisations/groups involved are able to take active part in Erasmus+ programme and deliver the youth projects for their target groups ( migrants and refugees ) with high standard of management.

    Amber Initiatives gained extensive experience in organisation of different projects (training, youth exchanges, job shadowing) in the frame of Youth in Action/Erasmus+. We have more than 70 partners in EU countries and are working on local, regional and international level.
    Sharing our experience with our colleagues, which have no experience working with migrants will benefit them and increase their capacity and will prepare them for local and international activity.

    How to Apply?


    Erasmus+ Mobility project for school education staff under Key Action 1 (staff training) follow the link here: follow the link here: Opportunities for staff

    Who can take part?
    Staff in charge of school education(teaching and non-teaching, including school managers, heads, etc.), working in the sending school(s)
    as well as other educational staff (school inspectors, school counsellors, pedagogical advisors, psychologists, etc.) involved in the strategic development of the sending school(s).

    Eligible countries:
    All EU countries and former Yugoslav, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Republic of Macedonia, Norway, Turkey and Iceland).

    When & How to apply:
    Applicants (any organisation working in adult education field) have to submit their grant application by
    2 February at 12:00 (midday Brussels time).

    Please, do not hesitate to contact us if your school would like to take part in the proposed trainings. Send your express of interest email to:

    To be confirmed (Flexible)