"Putting the Pieces Together"

The Youth Exchange ‘Putting the Pieces Together’ will gather together 30 young people form EU countries – UK, Hungary, Lithuania,Bulgaria and Slovenia. During 8days, they explore different aspects of active citizenship, volunteering, entrepreneurship and discuss how to use social multimedia to create opportunities for career progress. The programme is designed in accordance with objectives and the identified needs of participants.


The programme is based on non-formal educational principles and is divided into 6 areas:
- introductions and group building. The group/team building exercise will be include in the programme regularly as this is important point for this activity.
-personal capacity analyse, motivation and desired career progress.
- active citizenship: role of volunteers, impact to career and CV building up.
-mapping charities, marketing strategy, support of local charity using your skills.
- development of individual strategies and planning of participants’ follow-up of the YE.
- follow-up, evaluation ( during and after the activity stage) and dissemination results.
We will focus on skills development as key elements in response to the current economic crisis, and we offer opportunity to explore a pathway into job through active citizenship and effective use of skills and knowledge gained. We organised a meeting with young people from the community, involved in our previous projects, to discuss a priority for next projects. The decision was made to focus on youth unemployment, skills development and social entrepreneurship. This is subject received more points and the young people choose this theme as interesting and useful. 25 young people took part in the meeting.
The objectives of the project is:
- To improve the level of key competences and skills of young people, including those with fewer opportunities.
- To promote active citizenship and social inclusion of young people from disadvantage background.
- To develop basic and transversal skills, such as entrepreneurship, digital skills and multilingualism.
- To help participants explore their personal motivations, skills and goals.
• To promote volunteering in local charities.
- to enhance employability and improve career prospects.
These objectives are relevant to the needs we established ( skills improvement, motivation of young people for work, need to find new ways to tackle unemployment, for example through social entrepreneurship). These objectives are relevant to the individual participants as will increase their employability, and are relevant to the organisation as all partners are deeply committed to social inclusion of young people and especially those with fewer opportunities.