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Active Citizenship As A Way To Tackle-Environmental Issues

    The training course 'Active citizenship as a way to tackle socio-environmental issues' addresses the need to increase youth work in the field of animal welfare and protection, and is in the line with European Convention for the Protection of Pet Animals.

    The project gathered a groups of youth workers (29) from the UK, Bulgaria, Belarus, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Romania, Latvia and were held in Plymouth, UK in December 2015.

    The project filled a gap in competences of youth workers so that they are able to offer new diverse activities and projects that better respond to the a need to embed animal welfare education into youth work and promote volunteering in animal welfare organisations.

    As result of this project, the organisations will be able to promote active citizenship and volunteering in more structured way and involve their target group in diverse local and international activities to tackle socio-environmental issues (animal welfare and protection).
    Youth workers will be able to maximise opportunities for the active involvement of young people and support young people in ways that best suit them.

    During the activity stage the participants explored Active Citizen Concept, the European Strategy for the Animal protection and EU legislation.
    Increased knowledge of Concept of Animal welfare, visited local animal welfare charity Woodside Sanctuary, learnt from best practice and experience of the UK organisations.

    The programme designed is closely linked to the objectives of the project and participants' needs, aspirations and interests.
    The training course offered space for interactions of participants working in different settings, sharing of ideas and creation of a platform for future international projects.

    The project based on non-formal education methodology.
    Work in small and large groups, team building exercises, problem-solving tasks, simulation exercises, role play, debriefing, presentations, round table discussion, sessions for evaluation and reflection, etc.
    will be used throughout the seminar to ensure everyone has an opportunity to express themselves freely and to achieve maximum results in the learning process.

    The objectives of the project were the following:

  • • To increase level of professional competences of youth workers and their understanding of active citizenship concept.

  • • To increase awareness of European culture and diversity.

  • • To increase awareness of active citizenship and volunteering as an enjoyable way of helping promote animal welfare.

  • • To increase awareness of European strategy for the Protection and welfare of animals 2012 - 2015 and European regulations.

  • • To increase capacities of the partner organisations to promote active citizenship and volunteering as well as to expand their activities in animal welfare field on local and international level, including cross-field cooperation and partnership.

  • • To enhance opportunities for cooperation between youth organisations from Programme and Partner countries.

  • The project is in line with Erasmus+ aims and objectives such as improving competences of youth workers, linked to their professional profile, promoting active citizenship, promoting cultural awareness, increasing of capacity, attractiveness and international dimension of organisations active in the youth field.
    The project helped the organisations from Programme and Partner countries to build network and cooperation.

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