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Examples of Dissemination

Examples of dissemination of the project that took place.

Using Social Media

    The Youth Exchange ‘Using Social Media’ gathered together 30 young people form EU countries – UK, Hungary, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Turkey and Spain.
    During 9 days, they explored different media platforms and discuss how to use social media to create opportunities for career progress.
    Overall aim of the project is to equip the participants with skills and knowledge that will increase their employability and help them to progress in their career.

    Young people are remarkably comfortable with technology, and there is a need how they can make the most of social media and networking to spark some creativity into their career progress.
    Social media can help young people to develop public ways of presenting themselves, their skills and knowledge. .

    During the activity stage, using different type of non-formal and informal methods, the following topics were covered: overview of social media, different platforms and their trends, managing personal data and digital security, evaluation of profile, media ethics, e-recruitment tips.
    Exploring job market and recruitment strategies, social media and career progress, English for business communication, globalisation & social media, and development individual strategy.

    The programme is split into five parts:

  • • Introductions and group building activities

  • • ‘Development knowledge in social media’ focuses on different media platforms and how to create personal profile and other opportunities available, progress in career and sale their skills and knowledge.

  • • ‘Exploring opportunities’ focused on practical aspects and skills development of the participants. They explored a potential of European job market, Eures Network, and also had a debate about using Europass CV to look for a job in Europe.

  • • Putting knowledge into practice. The participants created videos, learns how to set up Facebook page, to use Instragram platform and Flicks.

  • • Follow-up, evaluation ( during and after the activity stage) and dissemination results.

  • The objectives of the project are:

  • • Improve the level of key competences and skills of young people in social media area.

  • • Increase young people awareness how to use social media platforms for career progress or self-employment.

  • • Increase awareness of different social media platforms, difference between them and discover a potential to use each of these platforms.

  • • Increase sense of initiative and entrepreneurship.

  • • Enhance intercultural awareness and skills of the participants.

  • During the YE, the participants have jointly carried out the programme focusing on social media, different platforms as well as ways to enhance employability.

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