Our Projects: On Local Level

Amber Initiatives takes part in a number of collaborative projects on local and European level, including many projects funded by the European institutions.

These projects benefit the partners organisations both directly through participation and indirectly through the sharing of their outcomes.

Family Support Programme:

Family Support Programme is has been supported by Plymouth City Council for 4 years, and now we continue to assist the Education authority and local schools when they are dealing with migrant families. The main aim of the programme is delivery of effective communication by developing links between families and schools, as well as practical support and assistance of families from ethnic minority backgrounds.

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  • Community Safety Programme:

    Community Safety Programme is joined project with the Emergency services. The primary purpose of the Programme is to inform local action and manage problems that migrant workers face through a measured partnership response. It is based on a strategy of establishing a multi-agency approach to improve communication, information sharing & community engagement to manage local problems.

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  • Youth Club:

    At the regional level the company has implemented the projects related to European awareness, organisation, social inclusion, anti-discrimination and youth initiatives as a leading organisation. Through dedicated work with children and youth the company helps to make the positive change we want to see in the world. To achieve this goal Amber Initiatives organises Youth club, Educational trips, art workshops and other projects in which children and young people accumulate a lot of useful experience.

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  • Newsletters.

    Newsletter for local community in Russian and Polish languages.

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