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Examples of Dissemination

Examples of dissemination that project took place.

Promoting Animal Welfare

    The Training course Animal Welfare Education gathered together 26 youth workers from 5 Programme countries – UK, Romania, Lithuania, Hungary and Turkey.
    During 7 days, the participants explored the ways of integrating animal welfare into youth work.

    The programme is designed in accordance with the objectives and identified needs of participants.
    The training course offered space for interactions of participants working in different settings, sharing of ideas and creation of a platform for future international projects.

    The project expanded and modernised the youth work within the organisations and increased professional capability of youth workers to implement high quality activities on local and international level.

    The Need:

    The need for those from Eastern European organisations working in the field of environment and animal protection is to expand their current work with young people, raising awareness and education in animal welfare.

    To achieve the best results, the youth work in this field should be well structured and there is a need to improve quality of activities, organised for young people, that can be achieved through improving skills and knowledge of youth workers.

    The common need for all participants involved is to enhance international cooperation, build partnership for future project on international level.

    The objectives of the project are:

  • • To Modernise youth work, expanding the areas of work the organisations focus on, and increase the quality of youth work in animal welfare, making it more effective.

  • • To Develop the core competences and knowledge of youth work professionals.

  • • To Gain cultural awareness and diversity of Europe.

  • • To enhance international dimension of youth activities, the partner organisations involved in, and cooperation between organisations to increase youth mobility.

  • The project added additional value and innovations to the participants’ previous work and to the organisations they represent.
    The project covered the gap in knowledge and helped to develop structured youth work in animal welfare field.

    The Target Group:
    Volunteers from animal welfare organisations and other NGOs working in the field of youth.

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